Free Intention Setting Workshop 

Make the Next 12 Months of Your Life the Best Ever With This Intention Setting Workshop

On the 2nd March I'll be having a google hang out where I'm going to conduct a free but incredibly powerful intention setting masterclass.

There are 3 main things that we are going to cover.

The first is reflecting on the last year to learn the lessons.

In the second part we're going to set some very powerful intentions that are aligned with your passion and purpose.

Finally we're going to create a simple master plan so that you can go and see them through.

What we will cover and create is designed to work deeply on your subconsious mind and to give you a clear and powerful plan to move forward with your intentions.

It is taken from a $5000 training that I recently recived and has incredible value to offer, but I'd like to invite you to come and be my guest in the work shop completey for free. 

All you have to do is sign up below so that I can send you the link to what is going to be an awesome experience. 

So don't delay delay, register your place now and I'll see you there.

BIG love